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Cory Haber is a New York-based generative artist, widely recognized for his innovative approach to bridging the gap between digital and physical art forms. With a passion for exploring the intersection of technology and art, Cory has successfully crafted a distinct artistic style that captures the essence of nature and its processes through computational design. 

Since 2014, Cory has honed his skills to develop a unique method of creating original artwork. He employs plotters and 3D-printed paintbrushes, meticulously crafted by him, to produce large-scale paintings on canvas. Each of his creations, both digital and physical, stems from the same foundational source code, yet evolves into separate, distinct pieces of art. 

Cory's work is a reflection of the rapidly evolving digital age. His art embodies the harmony of creativity and technology, offering viewers an immersive experience that transcends traditional artistic boundaries. As a generative artist, Cory challenges the conventional norms of artistry and invites us to explore the infinite possibilities of the digital realm, all while staying deeply rooted in the beauty of the natural world.

Artist Statement

I make art using pen plotters. The plotter is an extension of my hand and mind. It is the final step in a long process of writing code, iterating, tweaking, and experimenting before turning digital code into physical art. I explore the connection between nature and algorithms.

My process is unique. Very few tools exist to create generative art with plotters larger than A3 paper size. I discovered how to build my own plotter, with few limits on size. Scale allows me to dig deeper in my exploration of the patterns found in nature.

While the process is interesting, it is merely a means to and end. The final result is what matters, the art. My goal is to produce art that is interesting and evokes a deep emotional response.

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